Cumberland County, NJ

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  • Phone:
    (856) 453-5801
  • Office Address:
    555 Shiloh Pike, Route 49, Bridgeton, NJ 08302
  • Start Time:
    5:15 AM End Time:
    After the polls close at 8:00 PM.
    (You must work the full day)
  • Compensation:
    $300 for Election Day. $21.43 per hour for Early Voting.
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Voter Registration Requirements

  • You must be registered to vote in Cumberland County to be a poll worker

  • Note: This voter registration requirement does not apply to poll workers under the age of 18.

Work Requirements

  • Minimum Age: 16-year-old students who are U.S. citizens and state residents.

  • You must complete training to be a poll worker.

  • Training Details: In-person training is required. Initial certification classes typically last 3 hours. Retraining classes typically last 45 minutes. Poll workers must complete training at least once every two years.

Apply online by clicking on the “Apply Now!” button above. Cumberland County also has a downloadable PDF application, available here.

Poll workers are needed for Election Day and for the Early Voting period prior to Election Day.