Gilchrist County, FL

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  • Phone:
    (352) 463-3194
  • Office Address:
    112 South Main St, Room 137, Trenton, FL 32693
  • Start Time:
    6:00 AM End Time:
    Approximately 7:30 PM
    (You must work the full day)
  • Compensation:
    $125 to $170, plus mileage for workers working outside of their home precinct.
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Voter Registration Requirements

  • You must be registered to vote in Gilchrist County to be a poll worker

  • Note: This voter registration requirement does not apply to poll workers under the age of 18.

Work Requirements

  • Minimum Age: 16-year-olds who are pre-registered to vote.

  • You must complete training to be a poll worker.

  • Training Details: In-person training typically lasts approximately 3 hours.