Working at the Polls During COVID

Traditionally, many poll worker positions have been filled by older Americans, a population at higher risk of serious COVID complications. No one knows for sure what the state of the pandemic will be later this year, but some poll workers may still feel uncomfortable working at the polls.

Given these circumstances, new poll workers will be needed:

  1. to replace many of the older poll workers who are unable or don’t feel comfortable working at polling places, and
  2. to help count an increased number of absentee ballots in states where many voters may vote by mail.

Please contact your local election officials for detailed information on what steps and precautions are being taken to protect poll workers and voters in your area. You can also refer to the CDC’s COVID website for guidance on staying safe during the pandemic.

Despite these challenges, our elections must continue without disruption. That means there is a need for more poll workers, especially those who are at lower risk of serious complications. Countless numbers of Americans have fought and sacrificed to protect our right to vote. Especially during these challenging times, we each need to do our part to make our democracy work. 

If you are vaccinated and at lower risk with regards to coronavirus, we encourage you to serve your community as a poll worker. Apply today!